Is Zippyshare Safe To Download With?

July 31, 2013,   has blogged 25582  posts

i am trying to download a 3ds emulator and its asking about two dif download providers i have never heard of. one is for sure not safe and the second is this one… also if you have a good place to download a 3ds emulator id be very gratefull.

What Is A Safe Website To Download Music?

July 30, 2013,   has blogged 25582  posts

Looking to download old albums for my mom. A band called “los Dandys” I can’t find it on torrents or pirate bay. if anyone can find it on a safe website i would appriciate it. Please don’t comment on my post lecturing me about buying or the law. thanks

Where To Download A Wow Bg Bot?

July 30, 2013,   has blogged 25582  posts

Hello, I’m looking for a fully working and updated World of Warcraft (WoW) BG bot as I don’t have the time to grind out pvp gear for all 10 of my WoW characters. Anyone know where I can get one?

Origin Bf3 Slow Download Speed Any Help?

July 27, 2013,   has blogged 25582  posts

recently i purchased a bf3 premium key from origin but from last 48 hrs i could download only 4.5 gb, the game is above 20gb, my patience is slipping out, i dont know what to do i have 2mb connection my other downloads are just perfect but origin is giving me only 20 kbps antivirus …

On Utorrent Download Speeds Suck?

July 27, 2013,   has blogged 25582  posts

hey i dont know why but i am paying for downloads speeds at 150 MBPS from cox communications, but when i go to download something from you torrent it says downloads speeds are at 26kbps which is ridiculous. my laptop is the only thing connected except for my iphone which i hardly doubt the phone …